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When Will My Karma End? PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 13 January 2014 08:26

Pete was shot three times two weeks before Huffman shared a booby trap in Vietnam 9/29/68 with Terry Barnette and was blinded.  Of course, Terry Barnette was wounded as well.  Huffman believed that Pete had died.  In 1993 he found out that Pete was alive and doing well in FL, although he was dealing with three through and through bullet wounds.  Huffman teased Pete about one of the bullets that nicked his penis.  Since ’93 when going to a bar, Huffman would point out that he and Pete both got hit in the head two weeks apart but different heads.  Huffman’s been telling on Pete ever since.   It didn’t take long to figure it out.  Pete was quick to point out the enemy shoots at the biggest target, and says “why don’t you tell them where else I got shot?  We already know the enemy shoots at the biggest target”.  Huffman told Pete he talks about what’s most important.   Huffman said, “If people saw your wife Patty, they’d want to be lucky as you and have a designer!”

Huffman’s karma caught up with him in 2001 after falling off a third story balcony in Daytona Beach and being hospitalized for 13 days.   When he was finally able to get on his feet, it was discovered that he had a right lower inguinal hernia along with his other injuries.  The VA operated on the hernia a few months later and Huffman’s right testicle went into atrophy as a result of their “good work”; at least for Patty.  He got his payback: karma.  Patty’s been teasing him about having one nut ever since 2001. 

If you enjoy dishing it out; you need to enjoy taking it as well.  Huffman’s been receiving gifts of artificial testicles, and other gifts involving nuts, and squirrelly nut cards for his birthday and Christmas ever since 2001.  Thanksgiving of 2013 he believed he was going to give Patty back the ultimate gift for her birthday; a foot and a half round Christmas ornament that lit up in three different colors.  When Huffman gave it to her, he told her that the VA had prescribed it to him; he received it from prosthetics.  Although he’s had diabetes for nearly 25 years, just one nut, low testosterone and other injuries; his wife, Cheryl says he does just fine for a 66 year old man so he could give his prescribed ball away to Patty.  Huffman did receive a keychain with two testicles on it for a return gift from Patty during the FL and FL State football game party a few days later. It was the first time in his life that all kinds of women were feeling his balls and his wife Cheryl didn’t even mind. 

Huffman says, “If you can’t do something about it, enjoy it”.  So does Pete, Barnette, Moody, Walker, Vines and many of the other Mike Company 3/7 Vietnam veterans Huffman knows. They all have done well despite what happened to them and what’s happened around them.  They are Huffman’s inspiration.  Huffman says, “I’ll never forget Morgan.”  Humor can be everything when it comes to dealing with issues.  Huffman enjoys his karma.

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