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Watch Out – Blind Driver PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

In 1970 David Huffman would bar hop.  One of the bars he enjoyed was the Logan House, now Kelly’s Logan House in Wilmington, DE off of Delaware Ave.   Kelly, the owner, was also a Marine.  Kelly is now deceased.  Huffman went with 2 other Marines from the Logan House to run an errand outside of Wilmington on the other side of Edgemoor Gardens.  The 2 Marines were clowning around; somehow Huffman ended up behind the wheel.  Huffman was shifting the gears and working the pedals; the other Marine would tell him when to slow up for a red light.  The Marines would help him with turns.  Both of them would wave at others around their same age as they pulled up to red lights and roared up their engine.  Those in the vehicles next to them didn’t know they were dealing with a blind driver right next to them.  The other Marine did do the steering.  However, at one point, the 2 Marines got so confident, that Huffman was even going to try the steering when they reached the back road.  The other Marine would just tell him left or right.  It didn’t work.  They weren’t able to play the game safely so the Marines got back in their own seats.  After running their errand, they went back to the Logan House for another cold one.  Huffman has a few other blind driver stories during his lifetime, but never in a city in traffic.  After returning from Vietnam at the age of 21; Huffman was hyper-vigilant, dumb, and full of cum.  The mentality of a 21 year old that was looking to find his way.