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Walk without a cane PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 16:32

Right after David Huffman signed himself out of the Wilmington Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, DE; he went to his sister Mary’s house where he was staying in Simons Gardens, DE. Sometimes David would use his cane when he walked places; sometimes he didn’t use his cane although he was totally blind without any light perception. One day it was a good thing he used his cane because his cane picked up a manhole cover that was uncovered. He would walk several blocks from Pilgrims Drive in Simons Gardens to a store in Hollywood Terrace. When he didn’t use his cane, he would touch the grass line once in awhile with his feet, and then walk in the middle of the sidewalk. He would listen to traffic when he was close to a curb before he crossed the street. One time David decided to return home in a different direction without his cane. He still had the brace on from under his chin to his groin unless he took the brace off when lifting weights when he was lying flat. When David decided to take a different path, his following of the grass line did not work well for him. He followed the grass line right up a brick wall on Landers Lane going back to Simons Gardens. He fell eight feet; he landed on his feet; he kept walking. He did not pay attention at the time to the possibility of returning to Wilmington Memorial Hospital. He now wonders if that’s what’s called: young, dumb, and full of cum.

David had various other adventures walking to the store from Simons Gardens. One time when he was not using his cane properly, he ran into a car in the middle of the sidewalk. David and his cane did not act kind or friendly to the car within a split second of contact. The way he attacked the car indicated that there was more happening to him than simply being young, dumb, and full of cum... He was hyper-vigilant after returning from Vietnam.