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Monday, 14 November 2011 11:06

On the Marine Corps 236th birthday 11/10/11, an important void was fulfilled for medically retired Marine Huffman.  He received his Black Belt Certificate/Shodan from the U.S. Judo Federation. The USJF Certificate certified the unaffiliated Black Belt Huffman earned in 2008 at the Dojo, Almost Heaven in Parkersburg, WV.  In the mid 70’s through the early 80’s Huffman competed in Judo contests as a member of the Wilmington Judo Club from NY to Atlantic City, NJ; DC to Baltimore, MD; to Harrisburg, PA after being blinded in Vietnam and after a serious car accident that almost paralyzed him.  He was the only blind competitor.  He recalls he was 3 and 1 in his first contest catching the attention of the USJF magazine.  He remained competitive throughout his history of competitions winning the majority of his fights. 

In 1981 he was EQ, the highest Brown Belt; at the same time, he was competitive with the majority of Black Belts.  While in under graduate school and law school, Judo promotion competitions were during college and law school examination weeks the beginning of May and December causing priority conflicts.  He missed some of his promotions.  During the rest of the 80’s, after he became employed he only enjoyed participating in Judo on a more limited basis.  As a result, he never completed his Shodan/Black Belt at the Wilmington Judo Club.  He regretted this fact the rest of his life.  During the 90’s he moved to PA and didn’t have transportation to Judo. 

Then after moving to Parkersburg, WV in 2000, around 2004 Huffman, while watching football, had a beer belly football fan idea.  He wanted to teach Judo to a young football player in order to assist him in becoming a better football player.  He then had the opportunity to teach Rob Waggle, his son Will; and a few others in his home on the 3rd floor on his 11 ½’ by 19’ Judo mats. 

While teaching in his 50’s, Huffman realized his body didn’t move the same; he was rusty.  He then brushed up on his Judo skills with the help of his Parkersburg, WV “Sensei”, William Kincaid at Almost Heaven Martial Arts Club.  Huffman received a Brown Belt in Aikido while he as at it from his Aikido Sensei, John Allen.  The Parkersburg club was surprised the older man could still fight.  As a result, Huffman received an unaffiliated Black Belt in Judo in the process.  Huffman hoped his lifetime Sensei Richard Hugh would certify his Black Belt through the USJF.  Huffman was competitive at the Black Belt level when he stopped working out at the Wilmington Judo Club.  Huffman was hoping Hugh would remember. 

Meanwhile, Rob Waggle’s Williamstown High School won its first championship, and Rob won State Linebacker of the Year for WV fulfilling Huffman’s beer belly dream.  Rob did well in wrestling as well, improvising what Huffman taught him in Judo.  The receiving of the Shodan/Black Belt on 11/10/11 completely fulfilled a void in Huffman’s life.  Huffman always credited Judo for giving him the energy to make it through law school.  He appreciated what Judo did for him.  He now keeps his memories on his law office wall. 

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