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Monday, 19 December 2011 12:34

Between 1984-1986 after completing two years of employment with Ronald Reagan’s sponsored Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (VVLP); Huffman worked for Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).  He was the first VVA service representative for VVA Chapter 83 in DE.  He learned the VA claims process in DE while working for the VVA.  He filed hundreds of new claims for Vietnam Veterans and other Veterans.  In 1984, there was a big deal about an Agent Orange lawsuit against certain chemical companies.  There was a settlement of a class action with the chemical companies. The VVA in DE advertised to Vietnam Veterans to be included in the class.  Hundreds stood in line to sign up at the new VVA office in DE to join the class. 

Meanwhile, Huffman had encouraged Vietnam Veterans to file claims against the VA for issues which seemed frivolous at the time, such as cancers, lymphomas, rashes, and diabetes.  Today, these issues don’t seem so frivolous.   When Huffman filed such claims, many employees that were friendly to Huffman became less friendly to him.  Years later when many of the claims were added to the presumptive list for herbicide exposure while in Vietnam; the earlier date for the claim was already established.  Agent Orange was agent blue for many Vietnam Veterans over the years.  In 1984 in DE, some Vietnam Veterans were one step ahead of the Government and they didn’t remain so blue. 

In 1986, Huffman moved on to practice other areas of law in PA.  He still assisted Veterans with their VA claims on occasion while practicing law in PA; especially since 1993 after his first reunion with Mike Company 3/7.  His first priority was to assist those Marines in Huffman’s squad: Mike Company 3/7 1st Marines, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad.