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Veteran And Disabled Clients’ Profile PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 11:36

David Huffman Law Services handles almost exclusively, Veteran and Social Security disability claims throughout the country.  Another one of the attorney’s, Raymond Smith also handles Black Lung and Workers’ Compensation claims.  However, most claims are military related; although Huffman and his staff do handle some Social Security disability claims.  The VA pays a percentage for each disability depending on the symptoms up to 100 percent.  Veterans’ have Special Monthly Compensation claims as well involving loss of eyes, feet, hands, buttocks, erectile dysfunction, etc.  Huffman and staff handle psychological claims involving PTSD as a result of combat or other traumas which occurred in the military including sexual or physical abuse claims.  Veterans’ have claims for lower back, neck injuries with referred neuropathy; injuries to their feet, knees, hands; headaches, sinus problems, gastro problems, or any other medical condition that occurred in, was aggravated by, caused while in service, or is secondary to a service connected disability.  Some diseases or cancers are provided a presumption as a result of being in in the tropics, Vietnam; and the various Gulf Theatres, etc.  Specific medical opinions are helpful when a claim is not on a presumptive list.  The Veterans range from Second World War Veterans, Korean War Veterans, Vietnam Veterans, Gulf and Iraqi Freedom Veterans and Veterans of any period of service in between conflicts.  Many Veterans have drug and alcohol histories and are being treated for their drug, alcohol, and/or psychological problems at VA Medical Centers around the country.  Many Veterans are unemployable and have Social Security disability claims that need to be addressed as well. David Huffman Law Services has assisted thousands of Veterans.  Each Veteran’s story is unique and special.  Camaraderie of their service is the network that connects them to David Huffman Law Services.  If asked what issues David Huffman and staff have addressed, Huffman would say, “about every issue until a new one comes up.  There’s always something new and unique about each client”.

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