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Monday, 30 January 2012 15:17

In May 1977 David Huffman received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science at Wilmington College.  Veterans Affairs informed Huffman he had his Bachelor’s Degree; his vocational rehabilitation was finished. Huffman wanted to go to law school.  He only had one option without moving the entire family: Delaware Law School which was later known as the Widener University of Law in Wilmington, DE.  Delaware Law School said no.  There were not any blind students at Delaware Law School in the past; besides Huffman’s grades although good, were not good enough for Delaware Law School.  Huffman then went to the Bureau of the Visually Impaired in DE and was provided financial assistance.  He then obtained another Bachelor’s Degree, this time a BS in Criminal Justice in 1977-78 with a 4.0 GPA that year.  Delaware Law School then accepted him as the first blind student.  The Bureau of the Visually Impaired paid the first semester of law school.  The VA Regional Office vocational rehabilitation was then told it made a mistake.  Huffman should not have been turned down for the additional education.  Huffman was put back into the VA’s vocational rehabilitation program.  He graduated in May 1981 as Delaware Law School/Widener University of Law’s first blind student.  After graduation, Huffman bought the entire Wilmington/Elsmere Regional Office a large thank you cake: “my success is your success, thank you.”