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Friday, 02 December 2011 00:00

While Huffman was at Wilmington College between ’74 & ’78 he obtained a BA in Behavioral Science and a BS in Criminal Justice.  Then Huffman received a Juris Doctorate of Law at the Widener University of Law in Delaware. The VA would pay for readers.  The readers would bill the VA; sometimes it would take a few months for the readers to get paid after the readers billed the VA.  Normally the readers were other students.  When Huffman was obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree, he did not realize his wife Sherry could be paid as a reader.  Huffman would write his term papers with Sherry.  The flexibility of hours and the ability to stay on task longer made it more feasible to work on the term papers with Sherry.  Sherry never complained about not getting paid.   When Huffman went to law school, he realized Sherry could have been paid for her reading.  Sherry then became one of Huffman’s readers.  Keeping good readers was always problematic.  Pay wasn’t great; students needed more timely income. Students’ schedules changed or they would graduate.  Sometimes reliability became a nightmare.  In order to solve this problem, Huffman paid the readers himself as they were reading.  He gave his wife Sherry credit for reading so he could get reimbursed.  The VA then became suspicious of Sherry’s hours.  Huffman met with the vocational specialist, Mr. Cane; Huffman called him “sugar Cane”.  He was always pretty nice and fair.  However, Mr. Cane was prepared to throw Huffman off the program during law school until he seen the receipts and that they were accurate.  Sherry was then allowed to be paid for being a reader when she really wasn’t the reader.  Huffman’s reasoning for the situation is the following: “if you can’t get something done, find a way as long as you’re honest”.  He would not have available to him readers had he not improvised.