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Monday, 08 April 2013 16:00

During the time Huffman was hospitalized for two months flat on his back 2/26/1970; breaking his right clavicle, his left rotator cuff and his thoracic spine in between his shoulder blades; he was provided a sign to put by his bed:  Happiness is a Warm Bed Pan.

Huffman couldn’t completely avoid the bowel problems that occurred from lying flat, but at the same time he did everything he could possibly do to avoid the plumber.  He did not want to be catheterized in order to urinate.  He needed to be active in bed.  His left rotator cuff was pinned.  Huffman did figure he could lift weights with his right arm.  He asked his orthopedist for some weights.  He did in fact receive a weight in the amount of 2 lbs.  Since 2 lbs wasn’t very much weight, Huffman would lift the 2 lbs 5000 times to stay active flat on his back in the hospital bed while at the Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, DE.

Meanwhile he’d hold that urinal bottle for an hour at a time if needed.  Huffman didn’t want anything to do with a plumber catheterizing him due to urination problems as a result of lying flat.  When they got him on his feet two months later, no plumber was ever allowed.  The next day Huffman checked himself out of the hospital against doctors’ advice with a brace from under his neck to his pelvis.  He continued to lift increasing the amount of weight on his back after going home until he could take the brace off two months later.