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The Finger PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 08 April 2013 15:53

Within a few days of being discharged from the Delaware Memorial Hospital after the car accident 2/26/1970 in a full brace from under his neck to his pelvis; Huffman went over the railroad tracks around or about Christiana, DE to swim and have a few beers with friends at Little Falls.  Huffman climbed underneath the falls and figured he’d give one of his friends a friendly gesture of one of his fingers.  A rock came flying back in the direction of the finger.  Huffman dove off the falls brace and all to confront his friend about throwing the rock at Huffman.  Then, they both had another beer.  At the moment it appeared Huffman didn’t realize he was already hurt. You would think someone young that had proved not to be so invincible after a car accident would have learned before diving off a waterfall.