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The dog and the cane PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 14:54

A month after David returned from Vietnam blinded in 1968, winter was setting in. David’s father bought him a winter coat while he was staying with his brother Eddie in Edgemoor, DE. A few blocks away lived David’s aunt Nancy. David had a new wooden cane; he put his new winter coat on and walked from his brother’s house to his aunt’s house with his cane. He went by a house where the yard was fenced. In the yard was a big German Sheppard. The big German Sheppard jumped the fence as David was walking by and reached over with his big jaws and bit a hole through his jacket into his skin without any provocation. David immediately went into combat mode; jumped the fence, and smacked the dog over his head with his cane causing the German Sheppard to go into retreat in a hurry. It would be reasonable to assume that the German Sheppard never attacked another blind man with a cane.