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The Cane That Got the Shaft PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 07:30

David Huffman went to Captain Van Riper’s Mike Company 3/7 1st Marine Division, Vietnam 1968-69 Marine Corps reunion from 8/22-8/25/13.  Everyone was busy having fun.  Huffman finally got to talk with his captain in Vietnam, retired General Van Riper near the end of the reunion.  Huffman said kiddingly “I would’ve talked to you sooner but I just couldn’t see you”. 

When Huffman was out with some of the other Marines, they did the karaoke scene.  The Big Bad Wolf has always been a star in his quest to talk Little Red Riding Hood into giving the Big Bad Wolf a good day. 

While Huffman was in the elevator at the Inn at Ellis Square in Savannah, GA at the reunion; he let loose of his cane not knowing there was a crack in the floor.  His cane got the shaft; it went down four floors.  His wife, Cheryl went and got management to stop the elevator in order to rescue the cane.  That’s the second time Cheryl rescued his cane.  The first time was in a revolving restaurant in Seattle, WA years ago. She got the manager to stop the entire revolving restaurant in order to rescue his cane.

Huffman doesn’t like to walk without his cane even when he walks with Cheryl; the blonde leading the blind.  Huffman says, “Two bodies need to be cleared for an opening, not just one; she doesn’t pay attention.  I don’t always enjoy having another bump in life”.  Huffman doesn’t like walking with one of his friends either without his cane; he doesn’t want anyone to mistake his sexual preference.  “Other guys can do what they want; just don’t touch me!”  A cane identifies the reason for holding someone else’s arm.  Huffman says, “As long as I have the arm; if my guide falls off a cliff, his or her foot would be over the cliff first, but I hope it never happens.  It’s nice to have my cane back.”