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The Blind Judo Man PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 10 January 2011 15:35

After David L Huffman was married to Sherry, he needed a diversion for his combat stress. He began to participate in martial arts. He joined the American Karate Studio in Newark, DE in 1971. At the same time, he joined the YMCA Judo Club in Wilmington, DE under Richard Hughes. It was too time consuming to do both karate and judo; therefore, after the first year, David quit karate and just participated in judo. Judo is a sport that consists of various throws, chokes, arm locks, and hold downs. Judo can be exhausting, like wrestling. Over the years, David fought up to black belt competition. During the 70’s and 80’s he competed in tournaments throughout the Mid-Atlantic. He was the only blind judo player he knew at the time. He gives judo credit for the stress control which helped put him through law school. After law school, David continued to participate in judo off and on throughout his lifetime despite his injuries from the car accident February, 26 1971. He currently belongs to a small judo club in Parkersburg, WV called Almost Heaven, although he hasn’t participated in the past year. David participated in Aikido at Almost Heaven as well. He has a brown belt in Aikido; a black belt in judo; and some kind of belt in karate. He says it’s been so long he doesn’t remember the color, especially since looking at it did not bring the color to his attention. David exercises by lifting weights, working on the stair stepper, and punching a speed bag. He uses the energy he receives from working out to get him through his day.

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