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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 07:56

David Huffman recalls as a young teen, singing to himself, “Birdie birdie in the sky drop a white wash in my eye”.  A short time later, a bird accommodated; maybe it was a coincidence.   He recalls around 1994 going to Wildwood Beach in NJ with a female friend, Sharon and his daughter Frankie.  A seagull dropped its duty right straight on top of his head where it was beginning to get a little thin.  Frankie rolled in the sand; fertilizer, huh.  Within a year, a bird landed on Huffman’s head while going to the office in Chadd’s Ford, PA and left its evidence.  One day after buying a new white suit, a bird crapped on the suit jacket pocket when Huffman was taking the trash out to a bin while going under a tree.  Does Huffman hold his shit close to his heart?  While in Florida, Pete from Mike Company and a few other friends were out on a pontoon boat.  The boat traveled through the rivers between the chain of lakes under tall Cypress trees.  A large pelican dropped his business directly on Huffman’s head.  There were 10 other people on the pontoon boat, why him?  It took 20 minutes in order to get to a dock so Huffman could remove the bird shit from his head.  Huffman kiddingly tells that’s why he still has some hair left.   On another trip on the pontoon boat with Pete; another Mike Company friend, Wayne Vines; and another Marine, Robert Eastman a bird crapped right on top of Huffman’s right shoulder.  Again, why Huffman?  That’s the way the 90’s went.  One bird shit story after another and never seeing it coming.  Huffman began to wonder if he became a bird shit magnet; or was God telling him he was a shit bird like the rest of us and that everything we do is through him.

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