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Monday, 19 September 2011 13:08

The VA paid for Huffman to receive educational benefits as a part of his rehabilitation after becoming blind.  In blind voc rehab he received a GED in Hines, IL.  He then went to Wilmington College in Wilmington, DE from ’73-’78; then he went on to Delaware Law School or the Widener University of Law until May ‘81.  When he could obtain books on tape from the Library of Congress he would do so.  If not, he would use readers including his wife Sherry at the time.  However, in undergraduate school Huffman didn’t know she could get paid.  He did find out in law school she could get paid, and she did.  However, during the process Huffman had many readers that would come and go.  It wasn’t the best paying job in the world and the reader had to wait months to get paid.  That made it difficult for Huffman to keep readers.  Therefore, in order to assure there would be readers available, Huffman did what made sense.  He paid the readers immediately then Huffman would be reimbursed later; but there was a problem with getting reimbursed later.   Many of the students were from the University of DE.  They would be from out of town or in their senior year of college.  Reimbursement meant sometimes not to get reimbursed.  Therefore, Huffman put down his wife, Sherry as the reader after he paid the reader himself and obtained a receipt in law school.  The VA became suspicious of Huffman’s wife’s hours and looked into it with the idea of taking him off of the program for being dishonest.  Huffman had all of his receipts to prove he was honest; he then told the VA if VA didn’t make it so difficult for readers to get paid, he wouldn’t have to pay the readers himself and put his wife down as the reader.  Huffman dodged another bullet.  When he graduated he bought the VA Regional Office in Wilmington, DE a large cake telling them about his appreciation for putting him through voc rehab.  He didn’t mention that he was told he could never be successful in undergraduate school and was turned down for law school by the VA, and that he went to law school anyway and the Bureau of Visually Impaired paid until the VA came back on board.  The VA changed their mind after he was making good grades in law school and after the Regional Office was told it was mistaken by Washington for taking him off the program.