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Teri and the Whoopee Cushion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 18 July 2011 14:58

The millennium year 2000 David Huffman moved to WV with the intent to retire from law.  He was retiring the few cases he had left over from PA with a new secretary, Teri Clark.  Huffman met an Army Captain at the 19th Street Country Club named David Tedrick that needed assistance with a VA claim.  Huffman decided to help David Tedrick, thus began a new practice in WV assisting Veterans and other disabled people.  It all started with Teri Clark in a small room in a townhouse in Parkersburg.  Together they assisted David Tedrick and his brother Philip; then dozens of Veterans; then hundreds, now thousands throughout the country.  The practice since 2002 grew from one employee to 15. 


The office became so busy it became a necessity to kid around in order to make the day go by.  Huffman’s nephew Dennis brought in a whoopee cushion in order to make funny noises to move the day along the last few years until June 2011.  Huffman and another one of the employee’s, Tiffany, in June 2011 put the whoopee cushion on Teri’s chair while she was out to lunch.  When Teri returned from lunch she tripped over the leg of her chair and came down hard on the whoopee cushion.  The cushion made a loud thunderous noise which put a large gaping hole through the whoopee cushion.  Tiffany jumped and her hair stood up; she didn’t expect the noise to be so loud.  Huffman recalled the sound of small arms fire, rockets, and artillery from when he was in Vietnam.  For a second his memory was triggered to the events that occurred in Vietnam and he was headed under his desk.  The whoopee cushion was destroyed.  Huffman, Tiffany and others throughout the office that heard the noise could not understand how it could be.  Huffman and others have sat on that whoopee cushion for years and never blew a hole in it.  Teri who weighs 100 pounds less than Huffman blew out the whoopee cushion in one sating.  Teri and the whoopee cushion then became the big conversation around the office June 2011 to date.  The story has become a legend.