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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:45

After Huffman was blinded in Vietnam, his eyes didn’t look too bad.  Huffman still had his deep set brown eyes with large eyebrows.  One eye was a little bit shrunken.  It wasn’t obvious to the observer that he was even blind unless the observer looked very closely.  However, over the years Huffman’s eyes changed color as scar tissue set in; his eyes became patriotic red, white, and blue.  When Huffman first opened his law practice in Chadds Ford, PA in ‘86, he was over conscientious about clients taking him seriously.  He wore a suit and tie to work.  He wore sunglasses so his eyes would not distract the clients. Sometimes he became groggy when his sugar was high.  Sunglasses would make it less obvious that he was forcing himself to stay awake because of his diabetes.  Later he realized that exercising in the morning and eating less during the day would be more helpful than hiding it. In PA he did fantasize about wearing mirrored sunglasses at hearings.  Getting up into an opposing witness’s face with the mirrored sunglasses on so the opposing witness could see himself in the sunglasses when he testified in order to intimidate him; but it never happened.   When he opened his new practice in WV after retiring, he had an attitude change: no more suits and ties unless there was a hearing.  No more sunglasses either.  Huffman decided to just be himself.  If someone didn’t like the way he looked, he’d roll his eyes at him.  He decided you are what you are.  Huffman was blind and he would use it to his advantage and not worry about what anyone else thought.   Blind jokes, rolling his eyes, and dressing down became fashionable in the Huffman law office.