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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 10:20

Sometimes when you’re weary and you don’t know whether you’re doing the right thing, you may receive a sign of encouragement.  I received a sign of encouragement when I opened the new Veterans Square in Little Hocking, OH near my farm.  At the farm the last four numbers of my telephone number turned out to be 2014.  I moved into the farm in Little Hocking, OH in 2014.  The last four numbers to Veterans Square is 2015.  I moved into Veterans Square in 2015.  The events leading into a decision to close my law office and to move to Veterans Square occurred in 2012.  The second number at the office in Veterans Square is 2012.  My wife, Cheryl and I married in 2006.  The fax number is 2006. 

After being blinded in Vietnam with a history of multiple other injuries and diabetes and for other reasons I am in the process of retiring my law office, but will be assisting veterans and others at Veterans Square in other ways.  Sometimes being at home in between endeavors, it’s difficult to realize if you’re doing the right thing.  I needed some encouragement.  I believe God did give me the encouragement by the phone numbers that applied to me that defied statistical odds, which seemed to say, “Stay the course.”

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