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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

Ralph Baker of Baker Petroleum had a speedboat; he lived on the Chesapeake Bay.  He took blind Huffman out on a boat ride in the late 80’s.  When they were clear of other boats in the area, Huffman took over the driving, and put the boat in full throttle. This wasn’t Huffman’s only experience driving a boat.  Huffman, bad with driving boats after him and Pete got together in the 90’s, Huffman drove Pete’s boat out on Lady Lake.  He has a picture of himself driving Pete’s boat with his feet in the middle of one of the chain of lakes in central FL.   He drove pontoon boats on several occasions as well; he was able to cross under bridges with Pete providing the directions off the face of a clock.  One time, when a riverboat patrol went by, everyone on the pontoon boat including Huffman, waved to the riverboat patrol like everything was normal so as not to alert the riverboat patrol of a blind driver.