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Monday, 19 March 2012 10:03

After meeting the Southern Belle, Huffman closed his Pennsylvania law practice, “it’s time for fun”.  Huffman and Cheryl went to Daytona Beach, swam like they were teenagers, went on rides including the bungee jump; a 2000 foot jump.  They both went para-sailing at Daytona Beach: more than once 2000 feet over the ocean.  They went to Disney World and other resorts to try all of the roller coasters.  They went down water slides.

In West Virginia, they went white water rafting at New River Gorge.  Now they both went down a 1600 foot zip line in California with Gary Walker, another Marine.  Huffman had the opportunity to parachute jump.   A Marine, Robert Eastman set it up one time in Florida.  However, Huffman received a reprieve when the winds were too strong.  Great…Huffman didn’t really want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  Cheryl still does.  Huffman already has his wings.  Robert with at least a 1000 jumps gave Huffman his wings when Huffman went off that third floor balcony in Daytona Beach at the Hawaiian Inn without a parachute.  Robert said, “It was quite a stunt”.  Huffman says he’s doesn’t like the idea of a man hanging behind him on a tandem parachute jump.  When he woke up after falling three floors in Daytona, a man was on top of him.  It was an uncomfortable feeling.  He had his share of injuries over the years. 

Cheryl can do what she wants; just keep the insurance paid up.  I’m sure she will.  Cheryl likes her thrills.