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Smell of Blood PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 18 November 2011 16:07

Combat Veterans normally have memory triggers that remind Veterans of certain horrid events.  Huffman’s trigger occurred 7/29/1968, the day after Kilo 3/7 was caught in a U-shaped ambush, and Mike Company 2nd platoon was a blocking force.   There were 65 casualties either dead or wounded 7/28/1968 during the ambush.  Mike Company 2nd platoon and F4 bombers ended the battle.  Mike Company lost its M50 machine gunner, Martinez.  Peterson crawled through dead bodies to retrieve additional M79 rounds to shoot behind the enemy while they were retreating.  The sickening smell of blood filled the air on the 28th.  On the 29th, Mike Company moved in the direction where the North Vietnamese had retreated.  There was blood on and alongside the trail; the North Vietnamese dragged their dead bodies away.  Some of the North Vietnamese may have got hit while they were retrieving.  What was really sickening was the smell seemed like it lasted for miles up the trail.  Upset Huffman seen a hooch back in the tree line with a little pig in a pen.  Huffman stabbed the pig, burnt the pigpen down and the hooch for some diversion and payback.   When Huffman smells blood, he remembers 7/28 and 7/29/1968.  He did better than what seemed possible to him becoming an attorney instead of a butcher.  A butcher would not have been a good profession for him.