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Saving Liberty Bridge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 08:54

Liberty Bridge was a wooden bridge off of Hill 55 maybe 100 yards long or so which went over a river near Hill 55.  Sometime during August 1968, Mike Company’s responsibility was to secure Liberty Bridge.  Huffman was on hole watch to the left and upstream from the bridge.  It was dark and quiet.  All of a sudden he heard something that sounded different at the same time Sgt Martinez was checking his position.  Huffman told Martinez he wasn’t sure if it was frogs or if it was the enemy trying to come down the river; and to inform those on watch on the bridge about the possibility.  Peterson was on the bridge along with a couple other Marines; one Marine had an M50 machine gun.  It was in fact 4 NVA with explosives attached to long bamboo poles coming down the river.  The Marines on the bridge were able to get clear shots at the enemy with machine guns; Peterson’s M79 and M16.  Sgt Martinez then whipped his 45 out to join in.  Morgan joined in with Huffman shooting from where Huffman was located although they weren’t able to actually see the enemy from that position.  In the morning a few NVA bodies were found along with the long bamboo poles.  Between the 2 bamboo poles tied to the poles was a huge block of C4.  The Liberty Bridge didn’t blow up that night sending Marines to the promise land; however, Huffman learned later that Marines may have accidently burnt the bridge down during a party and Liberty Bridge had to be rebuilt.