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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 04 February 2013 14:16

David Huffman’s father, Raymond Huffman was an alcoholic.  He was 24 when he married David’s mom Helen at age 14.  David’s father physically abused his wife, Helen and David’s siblings, especially his sisters when he was drunk.  When he was sober, he was soft-spoken and presented himself as a very nice person.  He worked hard as a painter; sometimes when he got paid, he’d go on drinking binges.  There were 10 siblings; one died at 2 years old.  Most of them spent the majority of their childhood years in orphanages or foster homes including David.  David’s father smoked as well and would put his cigarette out on his plate after finishing dinner.  What does stick out in David’s mind is his father singing in the Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE with a good baritone sound with a little bit of rasping in his voice because of his smoking.  He sang “Rock of Ages”.  David recalled that his father during his sober times would go to his Bible and Christian values.  He would ask Jesus to forgive him.  However, when he picked up the next drink, he’d do the same things over again that ruined his life and the lives of his wife and children.  David saw in his father a man who wanted to be different but didn’t have the emotional strength to follow through.  When David pictures his father at church singing “Rock of Ages”, he sees a picture of a man who wanted to be what he didn’t have the strength to be as a result of his own weaknesses.  Ultimately David’s father lost any possibility of love from any of his children and hasn’t been seen since 1972. 

David was determined never to be like his father.  In the spring of 2013, David’s going to sing “Rock of Ages” at a church in dedication to his father.  It’s not just wanting to do the right thing that matters; it’s not just wanting to be a Christian that matters, it’s follow through.  David is one in his family that has forgiven his father.  David wishes his father could’ve been the man he wanted to be when he sang “Rock of Ages”.   At 65, David is taking piano and voice lessons so he can sound professional when he sings “Rock of Ages” in dedication to his father’s  heart: the man his father wanted be, but didn’t have the strength or the follow through to be that man.  David realizes from other things he’s accomplished in the past, it takes more than the desire to accomplish something.  There must be enough emotional strength to follow your dreams whatever they are.