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Reverse Toilet Seat Syndrome PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 05 December 2011 08:28

Huffman when blinded in Vietnam 9/29/68; received a minor head injury.  He also has a history of being hit with a baseball bat when he was 10 years old.  The old baseball bat tale; however, he really does have a dent on the right side of his forehead shaped like the bat that hit him.   He was in a car accident 2/26/70 as well in Wilmington, DE.  As a result, Huffman has a history of expressive aphasia: saying the wrong words or the wrong names.  His expressive aphasia sure made things interesting with women during his lifetime.  Sometimes he hesitates when speaking; when walking he may go the wrong way, or try to remember what he’s doing. 

Between men and women, there is an inherent dispute between them: the toilet seat up or down.  As a man, Huffman puts the toilet seat up.  Then he puts the seat down for his wife, Cheryl if he remembers.  The morning of 12/3/11 Huffman had “reverse toilet seat syndrome”.  He went to sit down on the toilet.  He reached down to the toilet seat thinking that both the lid and the seat was down; only the seat was down; he pulled the seat up believing it was the lid and then fell in the toilet.  Huffman then said, “How many women would love to have this happen to their husbands after falling in the toilet themselves?”

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