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REUNION 1993 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:37

In the summer of 1993, Huffman went to his first Mike Company 3/7 reunion.  Pete was still alive although his hands were emotionally shaken by the reunion.  Crazy Morgan didn’t get himself killed.  Shaffer was alive.  Like Pete, it seemed like he wouldn’t make it after he was wounded.  Lt. Slade was killed November 1968.  Huffman found out Rick Middleton received a bullet to the chest and was paralyzed from the chest down.  Cudniff, Foster, and Wilkerson were killed by a listening post near Hill 10 December 1968.  Huffman met Gary Walker, his replacement.  Walker received a Silver Star February 23rd, 1969.  Cudniff told Walker all about Huffman; how if Huffman didn’t shave for a day or two, it looked as if he didn’t shave for a week.  Cudniff never knew why Huffman would stay in a puddle when there was dry land.  Huffman wasn’t asked about staying in the shadows away from the moon.  Morgan, his wife Louise; Pete, his wife Patti left after the first day.  The emotions were too much.  Huffman became friends with Wayne Vines, an Alabama southern boy.  Huffman believed he was black, only to find several years later that Vines was a white redhead.  Huffman’s wife Peggy at the time, and his daughter Frankie came to DC with him.  They learned about Mike Company 3/7.  Huffman danced in the street when a group of Mike Company guys yelled for him on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Peggy pushed his blind self into the curb.  When his foot hit the curb, the soda can she was holding squeezed in her hands and went in her face.  Frankie enjoyed the excitement.  Wayne Vines and Huffman pretended Huffman really could see.  By exchanging words and letters for numbers Huffman was able to tell how many fingers somebody had up.  Cudniff told Walker he thought Huffman was on the paddy dike when ten NVA walked up on him saying, “friend, friend”.  Cudniff started the firefight with an M79 beehive round.  There were ten causalities in the morning.  Huffman laid in the moon shadow until Cudniff left.  Walker loved Cudniff’s version of the events, “Huffman what the fuck you doing up on the paddy dike”?  Walker heard from Cudniff that Huffman died and was surprised to see him alive

The first reunion was just the beginning.  There were many more reunions and the rekindling of old relationships and the beginning of new ones for Huffman and others in Mike Company 3/7.