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Monday, 29 August 2011 09:13

After 25 years, Huffman meets Mike Company 3/7 Marines in a reunion in Washington, DC.  Richard Peterson turned out to be alive.  “I thought he’d be dead in an hour from a bullet that hit his bladder”, Huffman said.  Morgan was there; “how could he be alive as crazy as he was in Vietnam”, said Huffman surprised.  “He would look for firefights”.  It turned out the emotions were so high some Marines couldn’t handle the emotions.  Pete and Morgan left after the first day.  There was much storytelling and clarification of events, whose here, whose still alive, whose dead, and whose wounded seriously.  November ’68, Rick Middleton received a sniper bullet in the chest while walking point.  He immediately was paralyzed from the waist down.  In ’93 Middleton worked for Paralyzed Veterans in Arkansas a claims representative.  Cudnif, Foster, and Wilkerson died December 27th, ’68 together when they went out as a killer team or listening post off of Hill 10.  Huffman shared hole watch with Cudnif during operations and ambushes. He remembers Cudnif as a happy, joking, funny Marine to becoming serious hardcore. 

Huffman learned many more Marines died in November and February including Lt. Slade.  After Huffman was wounded September 29th, Lt. Slade came to the hospital in Da Nang when Huffman had patches over his eyes.  He gave him some comforting words, “Mike Company killed 3 gooks across the river the day you were hit”. 

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