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Monday, 21 March 2011 08:35

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I had the opportunity to know and become friends with Ralph Baker; an entrepreneurial hero in Delaware. I’ll always hold Ralph Baker close to my heart as a warm, inspiring, motivating part of my memory. Long live his efforts of saving lives in the event of high rise building, oil rigs, and air traffic control tower fires. Long live his efforts to make high rise buildings, oil rigs, and air traffic control towers safe. Ralph Baker passed away on March 13th, 2011. After he passed away, his dream of fire safety for those in high rise buildings and air traffic control towers, and on oil rigs will live on through his internal spirit forever. Ralph Baker was the C.E.O. and owner of Baker Petroleum Transportation Co., Inc; C.E.O. and owner of Baker Safety Equipment, Inc., and the inventor of the Baker Life Chute. After inventing the Baker Life Chute in 1982; Ralph Baker put prosperity and himself second as C.E.O. of Baker Petroleum Transportation Co., Inc. in order to save thousands of lives due to fires. Ralph Baker assembled family, friends and business associates together in order to pursue his dream. He incorporated Baker Safety Equipment. He conducted safety demonstrations throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world to others concerned about fire safety. He then followed up with installing safety chutes throughout the U.S. and other countries himself along with the help of his son, Mark and daughter, Dawn and others assisting him in making his dream a reality. As a blind Vietnam Veteran, I had the opportunity, along with a paralyzed Veteran, Wayne Carter, to demonstrate the effectiveness of Bakers Life Chute. I felt safe leaving buildings as high as 17 stories. Wayne Carter and I were happy to have the opportunity to participate. Although Ralph Baker did not sell as many safety chutes as he dreamed during his lifetime; his heroic perseverance continued until his last breath on March 13th, 2011. Ralph Baker’s pursuit of his dream was an example of American ingenuity; an entrepreneurial hero for all to remember.

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