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Monday, 29 October 2012 10:41

Huffman admits that when he knows that he doesn’t know and is willing to learn; the outcome is usually better.  Now he’s an attorney.  If plan A doesn’t work, go to plan B, C, and all the way through the alphabet. Now he’s an attorney and keeps trying.    When he was 5 to 13 years old after being in an all-white Christian home in New Britain, CT, Klingberg Children’s Home; Huffman moved to the projects in Wilmington, DE (East Lake).  He came into the real world at East Lake.  He was picked on some and found that at times he had to fight to protect himself.  He learned about the prejudices of blacks in addition to whites.  More importantly, in a white minority neighborhood, many of his friends were black.  He hung out with many of them at times.  He played cards and sports; and played hooky from school together. Huffman understood how one could get in the culture of “it’s dumb to be intelligent”.  He believed it before the Marine Corps woke him up. 

Some of his black friends had sisters.  Huffman, although he laughed and was friends with them as well, he had not yet grown to allow himself to go there.  Mixing the races black and white would hurt the children, he believed.  After Huffman went into the Marines; two of his sisters, Nancy and Robin had black boyfriend/husbands respectively which resulted in 3 children: Nancy’s Artie and Mandel; and Robin’s Mark. 

Huffman and his first wife Sheri would help others families and friends by taking them into their home, including Nancy and Robin’s family.  He recalls some of his sisters’ problems and wondered how the children would turn out when they became adults.  It turned out that Artie and Mandel were in the military; Mandel works for a bank; Artie has a Doctorate’s of Education and specializes in special needs children and has one of his own.  Mark has been very successful as well. 

Uncle David loves each of them. When Uncle David thinks about them and how proud he is of them, he thinks about how much he needed to learn when he thought he had the answer.  Isn’t that life?  We’re all valuable and wrong at times and just try to do our best.

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