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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

In 1989, the life as a married couple between David Huffman and Sharon Guthrie was over.  During the 90’s although Huffman had success in PA as an attorney, his love-life was tumultuous to say the least.  He had 3 different relationships and two more marriages: Peggy, Mary, and Sharon.  Although they were dealing with Huffman’s blindness and PTSD issues, all 3 of them had issues themselves.  Huffman’s daughter, Frankie lived with him most of those years.  Things would go well for a little while; it seemed like every so often there was issues.  Frankie said it’s like the women had Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): “Peggy, Mary, Sharon”.  September 27, 1990, William was born to Peggy.  Peggy claimed to have PTSD as a result of giving birth to Will.  Sharon was paranoid and jealous of everyone.  Mary was just crazy with a crazy background.  Peggy with her intellectual communications skills; Sharon with her love intensity; and Mary with her protective umbrella gave Huffman different qualities to love and enjoy, but Huffman was still numb from his first marriage.  It wasn’t the same; none of them were Sharon, the mother of Keith, Kim, and Frances.