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Vietnam Perspective PDF Print E-mail
Written by David L Huffman   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 14:12

There has been an ideological war throughout history: central control, big government, Collectivism versus individual freedom. The ideological war will continue as long as humans exist. On one side individual rights are represented by Capitalism. On the other side; some other –isms: Fascism, Socialism, or Communism; Totalitarianism, or a king or dictatorship. Our founders chose individual rights over isms that will have complete control over individuals. Our founders looked back at their experience with England and put a check and balance system in place in the U.S. Constitution so that the side of individual freedom could have the best possibility of prevailing in the long run. Before America, the fight for liberty usually lost to the tyranny of a central government. As a result of the American people being free, America has taken a stand for individual rights throughout the world so that others can enjoy what we, as Americans, have the privilege to enjoy. On the other side, the Communist ideology was being pushed throughout the world. America found itself engaged in ideological warfare. Vietnam was a time and place in history in which the ideological struggle was fought by America. The primary years of the struggle were from 3/64 – 1975.

On the Communist ideological side, wiping out the ideas contrary to Communism has been an essential part of the ideology. When the proletariat rose against the bouswazee, hundreds of millions died as a consequence of carrying out the Communist plan for “the good of all”. Vietnam was during the Cold War with the Soviet Union; America was concerned about the domino effect. If one country failed in Southeast Asia, they would all fall into Communism. Although it could be argued that America was not pure with its motives and the South Vietnamese government was corrupt, one thing is certain. After the Vietnam conflict millions died at the hands of the Communists in Cambodia and Vietnam. Then there was the boat people. This kind of welcoming into Communism reinforces why there is an ideological struggle to continue the quest for individual freedom.

Many historians believe the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam. However, America’s Marines, soldiers, sailors, with the support of the Air Force did not lose many of the battles over Vietnam; although the politicians made our military fight with one hand tied behind their backs. America left Vietnam because of politics while at the same time; the politicians were cutting off the funds to the S Vietnamese army who needed the funds in order to continue the war. It’s my opinion; America won the war in Vietnam. Eventually America was victorious with the ideological struggle under Ronald Reagan. The ideological struggle was what it was all about. Under Ronald Reagan, the Soviet Union collapsed; Communism was being found to be a failure, then after winning, America internally destroyed itself from within as Khrushchev predicted would happen someday.

The current ideology struggle with Communism and Socialism has now teamed up with the elite and Islamic Radicals against individual freedoms. The U.S. is now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of fighting a war the way a war should be fought to win; America is fighting a war with political limitations to win as it did in Vietnam. Again, our military needs to be politically correct in order to fight back in the battlefield. You would think America would have learned from the lessons of Vietnam. The current struggle of ideology is being lost because the American internal ideologs have decided to give freedom away to those who don’t believe in it.

These ideologs have purposely tied America’s economy into knots through their ideology. These ideologs have strangled American freedom to death from within. In the future, the way for America to win the struggle for freedom is to stand up against its own Left Wing ideologs. They are gleefully destroying America. Their loyalty is to their belief system rather than to America. In the present, these internal ideologs don’t mind America’s military being stretched out too thin. Therefore, before the U.S. engages in another conflict, be hesitant. If America does decide to engage in another war, fight to win. Keep the politicians and the ideologs out of the battlefield.