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Paul Snider- Acknowledgment of Plaque PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 09:57

June 13, 2011

Paul Snider, owner of West Virginia Fighting Arts Assoc./Shotokan in Parkersburg, WV nominated me to the World Karate Union Hall of Fame on Saturday, June 11th, 2011 in the Poconos in PA. Paul Snider’s accomplishments in martial arts are amazing. He has the following:

· 10th degree black belt from Japan- Yudansha Certificate

· 10th degree black belt Martial Arts Association - International

· 9th degree black belt West Virginia Fighting Arts Association / Shotokan

· 8th degree black belt ( Mixed Martial Arts ) Budo Zanshin Gairo Seizan Ryu

· 8th degree black belt Shukokai Martial Arts Academy

· 7th degree black belt Mid Ohio Valley Black Belt Association

· 7th degree black belt ( akju ) All American Karate & Ju-Jitsu Union

· 6th degree black belt U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association

· 6th degree black belt Unified Martial Arts Federation

· 6th degree black belt Ju-Jitsu

· 3rd degree black belt U.S.A. Karate Federation

· 1st degree black belt Aikido

Refer to Paul’s website, for Paul’s other awards and accomplishments in martial arts.

Other than being a former Marine like Paul Snider, my accomplishments in martial arts cannot come close to Paul’s achievements. I have a black belt in Judo, a brown belt in Aikido; I have a couple of years of Karate, I don’t even remember what belt I am in Karate. I do have some history in yoga; my brain needs meditating. I guess my only accomplishment that’s different is that I was blind with other injuries and my competitors were sighted. Paul nominated me to the World Karate Union Hall of Fame not so much because of my martial arts accomplishment; the nomination was because of my history of assisting Marines and other Veterans. The truth is Veterans help me by giving me the opportunity. My plaque is accompanying this letter on the internet. It states I have been inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Humanitarian of the Year. I do feel good about teaching my friend, a young man, Robbie Waggle, Judo and Aikido to help him be a better football player and wrestler while he was at Williamstown High School. He won WV Allstate linebacker of the year the same year Williamstown High won the WV High School football championship. As an old football fan that believes in improvising, it’s nice to feel good about someone else’s accomplishments. Thank you, Robbie. What does make me feel even better is that Paul Snider would nominate me and Robbie Waggle would go to the Poconos in PA to be with me when I received the award. It was an honor to be with both of them and to have two wonderful human beings such as Paul Snider and Robbie Waggle to go out of their way for me. I have the World Karate Union Hall of Fame ring on my finger and my plaque on my wall. The ring on my finger and the plaque on the wall symbolize my good friends. I am honored to be in the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.