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One Week In – One Week To Go PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 18 November 2011 00:00

Kiwi had one week to go before he got to go home.  One bullet did it for him while he was sitting on a grave near Hill 55 Liberty Bridge in Dodge City.  Another man, a young green Marine only in country a week received a sunken chest wound by a sniper during an operation after Mike Company was moving in order to set up an ambush 9/21/1968, two months later.  When it’s a Marine’s time, a bullet doesn’t discriminate how big or small you are or how long you’ve been there.  The other Marines that saw it happen become numb, angry, and want revenge, including Huffman.  A detached compassion for each other grows along with the numbness.  If you get too close with another Marine, he may die.  It’s hard to predict when it will happen.  After a casualty, Marines gathered sea rations and water from the Marines that were getting medevac’d.  They don’t need it anymore.  The Marines block it from their minds: survival for another day.