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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 08:49

During the times of war, stories that are told are not always about snipers, booby traps, or firefights.  Sometimes other things happen that may not be funny at the time, but can give you a chuckle later on in life.  David Huffman had one of those events on Charlie Ridge in Vietnam. 


Mike Company was walking on a trail along Charlie Ridge.  A helicopter flew by in the air parallel to the trail where the Marines were walking.  Sniper rounds popped from the valley below.  Instantly hearing the sound of a round, Huffman went for cover, saw a bunker on the trail which was dug out by the enemy.  Huffman jumped into the bunker.  To his surprise, a Marine had crapped in it up the line maybe 5 or 10 minutes before the sniper rounds.  “I have Marine Corps shit all over me; I could tell by the toilet paper”, said Huffman. 


After the event, it was days; maybe weeks before Huffman could get back to a firebase in order to bathe.  He already stunk from the humid, hot tropical summer days in Vietnam that rose to 110-120 degrees.  He states, “I believe I may have killed a few enemies with my body odor without firing a shot.  I don’t know how the Marines nearby survived me”.  It was good to get back to Hill 55 in order to take a shower. “Well, if I killed any enemy with my body odor, at least they didn’t have a hole in them with red stuff coming out of the hole”.