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Thursday, 27 October 2011 09:55

Huffman’s second wife Margaret (Peg) Clifford’s father died when she was a teenager.  Her mother and her brother then committed suicide.  She had that traumatic memory throughout her life which caused her depression.  Peg was very learned and could engage in an intelligent conversation about any topic although applying her intelligence to a situation is more debatable.  Huffman and Clifford were married December 1990; and separated August 1993.  The couple had Conservative Liberal differences, and being as learned as she was she felt the need to ask Huffman to get examined for PTSD and a traumatic head injury, “there’s something wrong with you”.  The news wasn’t surprising about the PTSD.  Huffman considered it to be his driving force behind his success.  Neuro-psychological testing did show some traumatic brain injury.  Huffman informed Clifford, “it doesn’t make any difference; I’ve been working around it all my life.  I’m not positive if it’s from the baseball bat while I was in the orphanage, the explosion in Vietnam, or the car accident.  However, since I’m doing well, I do recommend it; except it doesn’t always work out with a wife and family”.