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Friday, 12 July 2013 07:45

One of the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder for combat Veterans is nightmares.  A Veteran, who has experienced combat or what Veterans Affairs calls stressor events, would more than likely have nightmares about that event.  There are other symptoms of PTSD such as intrusive thoughts, hyper-vigilance, startle response, and decreased activities involving circumstances that remind the Veteran about the events, etc.  Let’s focus on nightmares. 

Like other combat Veterans, David Huffman has his nightmares about Vietnam.  What are his nightmares?  If you listen to Huffman, you would hear a nightmare which would raise eyebrows.  Is it Huffman’s real nightmare, or is he just making light of the situation in order to cope or have fun?  September 14th, 1968 Huffman says Pete’s penis was the last one he saw other than his own.  Pete was shot three times; one of the bullets hit Pete in the penis.  Huffman recalls that day with perfect vision.  After Pete was shot, Dennis Morgan charged the bunker where there were three NVA soldiers.  He shot two and captured one.  Huffman recalls Morgan and other Marines looking at Pete’s wound referring to Pete’s penis.  After referring to Pete’s penis, somehow the prisoner got roughed up.  As wounds are it was pretty bloody.  Of course, when kidding around with Pete, Huffman doesn’t talk about Pete’s real wounds; he talks about Pete’s “designer”.  Huffman states kiddingly to Pete, “I have nightmares about your penis; it’s the last one I saw other than my own”.  Huffman was blinded just two weeks later. 

Is that Huffman’s real nightmare, or is it a glorified nightmare in order to have fun with Pete?  Huffman will tell you this; he believed Pete was going to die within an hour because of his other wounds.  He did not know Pete was alive until 1993 when he first went to a Mike Company reunion.  Since 1993, Huffman could not have found a better friend.