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Friday, 12 July 2013 07:39

On 1/5/2012 Cheryl pulled up fast with a brand new Ford Explorer on Market St in Parkersburg in front of the office building.  She hit the remote believing she shut the car off.  She got out of the car realizing immediately that the car was still moving.  The car ran over Cheryl’s left leg.  She found she couldn’t stop the vehicle from moving with her hands. Cheryl nursed the blood clots and soft tissue damage to her leg for months.  Meanwhile, Huffman still in the Explorer was unfastening his seatbelt and reaching for the brake with his right hand at the same time.  Cheryl had the wheel turned towards the curb.  The Explorer ran up the curb and ran into the light post in front of the office building causing $9000.00 worth of damage to the Explorer.  Huffman hit the left side of his head above his ear on the gearshift during the collision leaving a dent on his head above his ear.  His ear was cut as his head turned under the gearshift, and there was some minor aggravation to his cervical and lumbar injuries.  Huffman practiced Chaun-Fa Shaolin with 7’ sticks a half an hour after the incident with Bruce teaching him the art.  Huffman hit his head a number of times with the stick while learning.  When the police officers arrived on the scene, it appeared the cause of the accident was a defective Explorer.  They didn’t realize Huffman’s head moved the Explorer’s gearshift into park rather than Cheryl doing it.  As for Huffman, another dent in his head: another reason to be concerned about his receding hairline.  His legal assistant, Teri’s brother does hair restoration down in Virginia.   Huffman’s not interested in any pelvic hair to be placed on top of his head; however, Huffman is interested in moving his remaining hair around while assisting and encouraging his hair to grow.  Huffman, says, “maybe I can hide my lopsided head caused by numerous bumps and bruises over the years with a little bit of tweaking of my hairline”.

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