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Movers: Blind and One Leg PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 14:15

Mike Company 3/7 Vietnam friends visited Huffman the day before the Veterans Party 9/14/13.  Moody and his wife, Connie stayed at Huffman’s house.  The Huffman’s and the Moody’s met other Mike Company 3/7 vets at the VFW to have the all you can eat fish fry in Marietta, OH the evening before the party.

Moody with one leg blown off in Vietnam and Huffman blind from Vietnam, and both in their 60’s carried the keyboard down the steps at Huffman’s house to Huffman’s wife, Cheryl’s truck.  Moody went backwards down the steps with his one good leg, while Huffman carried the other end.  Moody’s wife, Connie was behind him for support just in case.  Huffman’s wife, Cheryl – the blonde leading the blind – was walking behind Huffman for support as well.  During the process of going down the steps and putting the keyboard into the truck, a leg came off and there were little plastic parts that came off.  Cheryl got upset; her hair was standing up as it appeared the keyboard was falling apart.  Huffman and Moody said, “Don’t worry about it, it all glues back together”.  Cheryl calmed down. 

At the VFW, the group received help on the other end and there was an elevator.  Huffman said, “Even if the keyboard couldn’t be glued back together perfectly, it was a great experience.  It’s a lot better than doing desk work every day”! But Moody; however, will go home and get on his bulldozer.  He digs up the ground for water and sewer lines.  Moody said he ran over his leg with a bulldozer one time and it didn’t hurt; he had a spare one!

Some of Huffman’s family stayed at the house.  Moody gave Huffman’s daughter, Frankie a ride to Huffman’s neice Nicole’s apartment near the office Sunday evening, the day after the party.  On the way back, a doe jumped in front of Moody’s diesel Volkswagen.  Moody slammed on his brakes but still hit the doe. The doe got up and staggered away.  Cheryl hoped it wasn’t one of the ones she feeds.

The party was great; about 500 veterans and their families came.  There was food, drinks, a band outside and karaoke going on inside and a karaoke contest later in the evening inside. Huffman after taking piano lessons and singing lessons during the past year sang with his piano/voice teacher playing the keyboard attempting to make the transition from karaoke singer to entertainer.  50/50 tickets were sold for the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley.  Moody won and donated his half of the winnings to Vets for Full Representation.  In the evening, so that Huffman could win a bet with those still at the party Moody proved it was possible to put one foot on the floor and one foot on the ceiling at the same time raising some additional cash for the VFW.

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