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Friday, 09 March 2012 11:14

In 1993 Huffman was proud to have the friendship of Dennis Morgan and Richard Peterson.   He was proud to be a small part of 1st Marine Division 3rd Battalion, 7th Regiment, M Company, 2nd Platoon 2nd Squad.   Morgan called 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad: Mike 2/2.  Mike 2/2 seemed to be catchy and personal.  Huffman love it.  He decided he would get a shirt that said Mike 2/2 on the front and the Marine Corps emblem, “Semper Fi” on the back.  Huffman then had a shirt made for himself with Mike 2/2 on the front.  One day while he was shopping, someone walked up and said to him, “how’re you doing, Mike Tutu”.  The tone of voice changed the meaning of Mike 2/2.  Huffman never wore the shirt again; he threw it away.  He didn’t like the word “tutu” being associated with his name.

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