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Saturday, 30 July 2011 00:00

After the car accident 2/26/1970; Huffman wasn’t able to sit up for two months.  He wasn’t able to bring his head up unless he pulled his hair.  He had a cervical injury; he refused an operation.  Wilmington Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, DE did put a pin in his left shoulder for six weeks.  After two months, the Wilmington Memorial Hospital put him on a device to bring him to a standing position gradually.  They placed a brace from under his neck to his groin.  After Huffman was able to be on his feet, he signed himself out against the doctor’s advice the next day.  Within three days he went with his childhood friend, Johnny Rapozza and other friends down to Little Falls with a case of beer.  For fun while holding on to the falls with the water going over in front of him; he stuck his middle finger out.  Rapozza then threw a rock towards his direction; Huffman dove off of the falls into the river brace and all.  He admits at the time, he was a Marine that liked to party but didn’t have a lick of sense.  At the moment the issue was only, “why the fuck did you throw the rock?”  Then after a few more beers they left and went over a railroad track after watching a passenger train go by.