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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 09:27

David L Huffman lived with his sister Mary Krause from 3/69 to 1/9/71when David married Sharon LaBelle. Within a year or two of moving out of Mary’s home, David was informed that Mary became mentally ill. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Mary was in and out of mental institutions for years. Her husband George Krause worked swing shifts and for other reasons, had a difficult time with raising a child. Mary and George had one child, April born 4/25/67. David and Sherry helped with the raising of April. Mary became pregnant again. A new child was born, Frances on 1/21/78. Although Mary’s suicide attempts in the past were by means of overdosing with prescribed medication, she was sent home from the hospital after conceiving Frances with two months of prescribed medication. She committed suicide when Frances was seven days old. Sherry and David adopted Frances and have been the parents to Frances since she was born. David told nursery rhyme stories to Frances at the time she was a baby. It so happened that “Jack” in “Jack in the Beanstalk” was adopted, and so was the third little pig in “The Three Little Pigs”. Adoption was always a good thing in the Huffman house. David didn’t know what was going on inside of Mary; he just wondered, “Mary, where did your flowers go?” He didn’t know what happened to her. However, he did experience firsthand, compassion for the mentally ill as a result of Mary losing the flower inside of her.