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Marines Don’t Pass Bars PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:30

Marines don’t pass bars they stop at every one.  David Huffman was on the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Veteran Leadership Program (VVLP).  He worked in DE with the local VVLP as well.  He would get on a train to Washington, DC and take a cab to 17th St. on occasion.  The VVLP had hired 50 local Vietnam Veterans that were leaders in their community around the country.  In 1982, the VVLP was meeting in Washington to strategize and to put ideas together about how to change the perceptions of Vietnam Vets after the Vietnam conflict around the country.  The Vietnam conflict was over for several years.  There was a divided America.  Vietnam Veterans came home battle weary.  Instead of a big welcome and parades, many of them were spat on.  Many Vietnam Veterans responded with anger.  They were not anxious to be into mainstream America after being mistreated about their sacrifices. President Ronald Reagan wanted all of this changed.

An attorney, Jack Wheeler from DE was the director of the VVLP at the time Huffman passed the Bar in PA in February 1982.  When Vietnam Veterans came from all over the country to DC, they were told to leave a little message by Wheeler to Huffman congratulating him for passing the Bar.  Huffman then received a tape from those Vietnam Veterans participating in the VVLP conference congratulating him for passing the Bar.  When he reviewed the tape, he remembered one Marine said, “Congratulations, but I don’t understand.  Marines don’t pass “bars”, they stop at every one.”