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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 16:27

After returning from Vietnam, David Huffman lived with his brother, Eddie, the first 6 months in Edgemoor Gardens in Wilmington, DE.  He then moved to his sister, Mary’s in Simons Gardens in New Castle, DE where he lived until he married Sharon Guthrie 1/9/1971.  There was a store several blocks away in Hollywood Terrace.  Huffman would travel from Simons Gardens to the store in Hollywood Terrace.  Sometimes he would use his cane; sometimes he would follow the curves and the grass lines without a cane.  The use and nonuse of the cane depended on how he felt on a particular day.   When he used his cane, he didn’t always bother to use it correctly when he believed he knew where he was and what he was doing.  One day he was lucky he did use it correctly.  After he crossed Lander’s Lane between Simons Gardens and Hollywood Terrace, he turned right and walked briskly up the sidewalk, using his cane correctly.  Good thing.  A manhole cover was removed off of the sewer when his cane picked up the curb and the manhole just in time.  Again he dodged another bullet.

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