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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 11 October 2012 11:06

The symbol for David Huffman Law Services is the Liberty Bell.  When I was in Vietnam; I understood the ideology difference between America’s system providing individual and economic freedom and the opposite ideology of tyranny and government control; Fascism, socialism and communism.  I served in Vietnam feeling I was on the right side of a global ideology battle between liberty and individual rights; and collectivism, and Communism.  I’m proud to have been a small part of the ideology battle for freedom. 

I was raised in Delaware.  My law practice was in the Philadelphia area for 15 years until the year 2000.  The year 2000 I moved to Parkersburg, WV.  I began assisting veterans after retirement; therefore, I did not retire at all.  I always think about Philadelphia, PA and the Liberty Bell for which it stands.  When I began my law practice in Parkersburg, WV I started assisting veterans on Liberty Street out of my home.  When I moved from Liberty Street I sold the Liberty Street house to Teri Clark.  Teri Clark assisted me with my law practice in Parkersburg, WV since 2000.  Having a blind Vietnam Veteran as a boss that requires you do multi-tasking isn’t easy.  Teri’s grandmother lived on Liberty Street; her dad was born and raised on Liberty Street; and her grandmother ultimately was in a nursing home on Liberty Street before her death.

David Huffman Law Services assists veterans who have fought to keep the Liberty Bell ringing.  My connection and my assistant and executive director Teri’s connection to Liberty Street made the symbol of David Huffman Law Services to be naturally selected.  In my heart, Teri’s heart, and the hearts of other employees; liberty and the Liberty Bell is for what we stand.