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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 27 February 2014 15:53

Bojangle (BJ), a miniature poodle, has been part of the David and Cheryl Huffman family for over 6 years.  2 years ago he was found to have some kind of genetic defect that caused holes in his stomach lining and bowel leakage.  Food could not get to his muscles; he became very weak.  After spending nearly $10,000 over 2 years sending him to the animal hospital and chemotherapy to keep him alive, it was time.  He couldn’t even stand up on his own and had to be taken to the bathroom every hour or 2 at night.  Cheryl couldn’t sleep.  He finally had to be put down Friday 2/21/14 because nothing was working.

BJ had a companion, a poodle named Trey.  So Trey wouldn’t be alone grieving; Cheryl picked up a new poodle that’s 5 months old to be a new companion for Trey.  Cheryl named the new poodle Doc because she said his eyes look inquisitive like a little professor.  After picking Doc up and taking him to the vet, the vet informed Cheryl that Doc was born on her and her husband David’s anniversary September 30th, 2013.  Again, another sign it was God’s time; it must be right. 

The next day the Huffman’s when looking for a new home so Cheryl can enjoy her horse, Joy that she keeps at the Hoover farm in Ohio, they found a beautiful place nearby with 47 acres.  At the same time, David was wondering, “what am I going to do about my lease at the Dil’s building in Parkersburg, WV?” The lease is running out.  Water is leaking through the ceiling which caused musical chairs with computer equipment, copiers, and health concerns for all the employees. 

The new location for a home and business could be the answer to many issues at the same time. Money was getting tight to pay the high rent in the Dil’s building for office space that has leaks through the ceiling with less cash flow.  The Huffman’s made an offer on the new property in Ohio and are waiting on a response.  Cheryl’s wanted to move closer to the Hoover’s so she can enjoy and take care of her own horse and enjoy friends.  It’s time for the Huffman’s to put their home up for sale.  A symbol for it to be a time to change came when Cheryl discovered Doc was born on the Huffman’s 7th anniversary, September 30th, 2013.