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Saturday, 30 July 2011 00:00

While living with his sister Mary on Pilgrim Road June 1970 after he was released from the hospital with a brace from under his chin to his groin, Huffman walked to the store like he always did.  Walking several blocks from Simons Gardens to Hollywood Terrace was not unusual for him.  He had his path.  He followed grass lines with his feet then stepped in the middle of the sidewalk, and listened for traffic, and he approached the curb.  One time he decided to do something different.  He had a friend and a walker.  He decided to go the scenic route by going by Mary’s house.  She was in the same car accident he was in February 1970.  He made a right turn on his way back, to go by her house in Hollywood Terrace.  After going by her house he made a left turn and went across Lander’s Lane, a road with a little more traffic.  He then crossed the street and walked up Lander’s Lane towards Pilgrim Road.  As he always does, blind Huffman follows the grass line then steps in the middle of the sidewalk for awhile moving forward.  However, something happened he didn’t anticipate.  He followed the grass line right up a stone wall about 8’; he then stepped in the middle of the sidewalk – the sidewalk wasn’t there.  He landed on his feet.  What could he do; he kept on walking.  In Vietnam you learned not to worry about the bullet that never hit you, so what else was he to do but to keep walking. 

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