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Kayaking with Alligators PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 10:21

On 11/24/2014 Huffman and his wife Cheryl kayaked on the lake with alligators, of course he didn’t see the alligators however, neither did his wife Cheryl who can see. Together the Huffman’s over the years have gone on many roller coasters as well as bungee jumped, para-sailed, and zip lined. This was the Huffman’s second experience kayaking in Florida. Cheryl has an easier time it because of Huffman’s cervical injury with nerve damage down the left side of his body. Huffman was able to last for 45 minutes, before he wimped out on Cheryl as she can kayak forever.

Cheryl wants to go parachute jumping; Huffman is not so excited about it. Robert Eastman gave Huffman his wings from the Army when Huffman mistakenly went off the third floor balcony at Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach in 2001. Robert did try to get Huffman to parachute jump but a windy day stop the planes from flying for parachute jumping, “thank God” says Huffman. Cheryl still wants to go, Huffman may go if she goes, he doesn’t want to wimped out on her twice because of his injuries. “I don’t mind the jump or the thrill of falling, it is the landing that worries me” says Huffman. He also says “I’m not sure I feel comfortable going tandem with a guy strap behind me, besides the discomfort, even if he knows what he’s doing, I don’t”