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Thursday, 12 September 2013 07:22

After Huffman and his wife, Cheryl went to the Mike Company 3/7 Vietnam Reunion in Savannah, GA the week of 8/22-8/25/13; they then went to the Mike Company 3/7 Association Vietnam reunion in Boston, MA from 9/4/ to 9/8/13.  Mike Company 3/7 Association was in Vietnam from 6/65 to 10/70.

During the Association’s reunion, Huffman wanted to do karaoke one night.  The only ones that were interested was a new member of the Association, Mike and his wife, Marilyn and Mike’s service dog, Charlie from CA.  Mike was wounded as many of us Mike Company veterans were in Vietnam that weren’t killed in action. 

The karaoke was in a Mexican restaurant.  It’s the first time Huffman went to a karaoke bar when half the karaoke was Spanish and he didn’t understand a word.  The food was good and he had fun. Huffman and Marilyn stole the show.  Huffman came to find out that Marilyn sang in the VSO in Vietnam which made Huffman feel the occasion was extra special.  After the reunion was over all the Mike Company guys did a “mudslide” toast for all those who died in Vietnam and have died since…many from exposure to Agent Orange. 

Huffman and Cheryl left the next morning.  When he left Huffman forgot and left his keys to his business, his house, and his car, as well as Cheryl’s keys and some braille playing cards, and some “Good and Plenty” candy in case his sugar went low in a drawer in the hotel room.  Huffman called the front desk at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  The front desk contacted the maid.  The maid found the keys and other items in the drawer.  Mike and Marilyn just so happened to be there at the front desk when Huffman called.  Huffman had asked the hotel to just mail the keys.  He didn’t know that Cheryl’s keys and the other items were in the drawer as well.  It looked like Huffman and Cheryl wouldn’t have been able to get in their car or their house. 

But wait…Mike and Marilyn showed up at the airport in Boston about an hour from the hotel, to deliver the keys and other items.  They said it wasn’t too far out of their way; they were on their way to Vermont.  They were like two angels that dropped out of the sky to save the day.