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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 00:00

Since Huffman moved to Parkersburg, WV in 2000; he went to various veterans posts such as the American Legion Post 15 and the VFW 1212 and other local bars/restaurants to do karaoke.  Over the years he grew from a not so good karaoke singer to a pretty good karaoke singer.  At his veterans party at the VFW in Marietta, Ohio 2012 he won his own karaoke contest at the veteran/client party.  A Mike Company 3/7 1st Marine friend from Vietnam came to the party from Virginia.  Another Marine, Paul and his daughter as well as another veteran Huffman had assisted in obtaining 100 percent were the judges.  Lonnie Morris filled the pitchers from outside and gave beer to the judges all night.  Somehow Huffman ended up winning first place, Lonnie second, and now Huffman’s current piano and voice teacher, Michelle won third place.  Michelle did better winning third place because Huffman and Lonnie gave Michelle their prize winnings of first and second place. 

This year Huffman’s been taking piano and signing lessons from Michelle.  He did not enter any karaoke contests this year.  He did sing the National Anthem, Some Gave All, God Bless the USA and some other songs for everyone.  Huffman began the transformation from karaoke singer to entertainer at the veteran/client party 9/14/13.  Huffman said, “I didn’t really mean to win in 2012.  I just couldn’t find any neutral judges and we just had fun”.