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Monday, 19 December 2011 12:23

In 1971shortly after David Huffman married Sharon Guthrie January 9th, 1971; he participated in karate at the American Karate Studio in Newark, DE and judo at the YMCA in Wilmington, DE at the same time.  After the first year, he realized he didn’t have the time to do both.  He chose judo, “I got more of a high from physical exhaustion from competition in judo than I did in karate.  Huffman may have been the only blind judo competitor at the time in the U.S.; there may have been one other.  Huffman was 3 and 1 in his first competition.  A small article was written about the contest in the U.S. Judo Federation magazine.  He maintained that type of competitive spirit during the 70’s and 80’s winning the majority of his contests against sighted competitors. 
Huffman had a cervical injury with some nerve damage in his chest, down his left arm and left leg from the car accident February 26th, 1970.  He fought right-handed even though he was left handed because of the injuries. 

Huffman began undergraduate school at Wilmington College in ’73; he began law school in ’78.  He passed the bar in 1982.  At the time, he didn’t have total focus on judo because of the responsibilities of going to college and having a family.  He was not able to go to all of his promotions which occurred mostly during the weeks of exams.  He does give credit for judo putting him through law school.  He never did drugs.  “After I married Sherry, I didn’t drink very often to get high; I got high from competition.  I remember prying my fingers open one time after I choked another competitor out during a contest.  My intensity was PTSD driven”.