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John, what the hell you doing? PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 May 2011 15:28

“John, what the hell you doing?”


In the summer of 1979, John Toner and his wife, Kathy; and David Huffman and his former wife, Sherry went to Virginia. The couples visited to Luray Taverns in Virginia, and went to Busch Gardens. Both couples stayed in separate hotel rooms. The couple decided to stretch the vacation to one extra day; so in order to save money, they all stayed in the same room one extra night. Huffman and Toner sat up and drank beer until about 11:00 pm, then went to sleep. About 3:00 am Huffman was awakened when he felt something warm hitting his thigh. Huffman yelled and realized it was John. He said, “what the hell you doing, John? Toner had walked in his sleep thinking the side of the bed was the urinal. Huffman said, “I’ve been pissed off many times in my life; this is the first time I’ve been pissed on”. Toner’s wife Kathy, ragged Toner all the way home. There are certain things you never expect to experience. Huffman will never forget when he was pissed on when the side of his bed felt like a urinal to a drunken sleepwalker.